Character Profiles


Here is where you can find out all about the main characters of Clarissa Explains It All.   This is sort of a "biography" page for them.  If you notice an error in one of these profiles, please contact me using this feedback form.


Enjoy!  ;-)




Clarissa Darling

Full name:  Clarissa Marie Darling

Age:  At least 14 in the first season.  When the final episode aired, she had to be about 17 or 18.

Hair color:  Blond.

Eye color:  Blue.

Who she lives with:  Her parents, Marshall and Janet Darling and an annoying little brother, Ferguson. Her best friend is her neighbor, Sam Anders..

Favorite activities:  Hanging out with friends, driving (She loves cars, although in most episodes she doesn't have a driver's license.) writing, music, shopping, fashion and computers.




Sam Anders



Full name:  Samuel Anders (If anyone knows his middle name, please send it to me.

Age:  About the same as Clarissa.

Hair color:  Brown.

Eye color:  Brown.

Who he lives with:  His dad, Arnie Anders.  (It is also said that in one episode he mentions having a dog, but no one ever sees it.)

Favorite activities:  Hanging out with friends, rollerblading, skateboarding, surfing, music and computers.




Ferguson Darling



Full name:  Ferguson W.  Darling (If you know what the W in his middle name stands for, please send it to me.

Age: About a year or two younger than Clarissa. 

Hair color: Red. 

Eye color: Brown. 

Who he lives with: His parents Janet and Marshall Darling and older sister Clarissa.  Favorite activities: Figuring out ways to annoy Clarissa.  He also enjoys money and "get rich quick" schemes.





Janet Darling


Full name:  Janet Darling

Age:  Somewhere in between her late 30s to mid 40s.

Hair color:  Dark blond.

Eye color:  Brown. 

Who she lives with:  Her husband Marshall, daughter Clarissa and son Ferguson.

Favorite activities:  Healthy living (she is a health food nut), cooking and baking, gardening, children (she is a teacher at a children's museum), spending time with her family, helping others in need.





Marshall Darling


Full name:  Marshall Darling

Age:  Early 40s.

Hair color:  Dark blond.

Eye color:  Brown.

Interests:  Art (he is an independent architect), 60s nostalgia (was a hippie in high school and college), story telling, spending time with his family.


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